Biodiversity of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion - Kamelin Rudolf V.
        Biodiversity is a very complicated and capacious term. It is as difficult to reveal the diversity of plants and animals of any area as of the whole Earth. For this, exact information on the number of what is growing, swimming, and flying, and each individual should be subjected to all-round study, it has to have its name and "auto-biography".
        The data on the species not previously known to the science, and on the new locations of the species occurs more and more often. Altai and Sayan contain high mountains, endless steppes, lakes, depressions, developed river systems, and the region deserves a status of a unique natural object of the Earth.
        Altai-Sayan mountain system is also the great number of rare and endemic plants and animals. A creation of the online database with the possibility of continuous updating of the information on the objects of biodiversity is currently the best mechanism of reflection of the complete set of plants and animals of the region.
        The primary goal of the present database is to mirror every little movement of the nature at every moment of time.

The president of Russian
Botanical Society,
Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science R.V. Kamelin